Avec Soin

  • Centre de diffusion et d’expérimentation des étudiants de la maîtrise en arts visuels et médiatiques de l’UQAM (Cedex)
  • Montréal
  • 2018

    The video Avec Soin [06:42] juxtaposes sounds and images of microevents specific to the ceramic practice with a wheel throwing session using art handlers’ gloves. The project began as an exploration of the audio and visual environment within my studio. Guided by my curiosity, I chose to set aside some of my habits to record various phenomena derived from ceramic activity, such as the dissolution of dry clay in water; the sounds generated by the potter’s wheel, or the crackling produced by my work table when wedging clay. This research led me to reconsider the notions of accomplishment and recognition, giving rise to the following questions: when does creative activity become a finished work of art? For the ceramicist, is it during the process of kneading clay, or at the end of the firing process? Within this mindset, the idea came to me to throw clay bowls on the potters’ wheel using art handling gloves. For this exploration, I called on the expertise of my son Wolfe Girardin Jodoin, a videomaker and multidisciplinary artist. Taken from a poietic perspective, our collaboration allowed us to experience what was before us: whether it involved a particular still image or an accidental recording. In such a manner, this endeavours’ meaning has evolved throughout the various stages of recording, editing and final viewing. With regard to the production, my willingness to “do less” and to embrace the silence that resides between the sounds and the images is in keeping with my approach to clay.