• Au Centre MATERIA
  • 27 mars au 10 mai 2020

    The exhibition Prologue underlines the close relationship between the ceramist’s body and that of clay in order to study how recursive and repetitive actions which are specific to ceramic practice contribute to the emergence of a new language and the development of knowledge of the creative act within the context of crafts.”By favouring a poietic approach, the works I create are at the heart of a research that places my relationship with the material world of ceramics in a context of experimentation and discovery in order to generate knowledge, not “on the basis of instrumentation or alienation, but in the form of frequency and contact”.

    (Fourmentraux, 2009)

    Infos pratiques

    Exposition Prologue
    Lieu: Centre MATERIA
    367 Boulevard Charest E, Québec, QC G1K 3H3, Canada
    Date: 27 mars au 10 mai 2020
    Lien: http://centremateria.com/programmation-2019-2020/pascale-girardin/


    [1] Fourmentraux, J.-P. « L’œuvre en actes : arts, médias et communications numériques » Quaderni, [En ligne], 68 | Hiver 2008-2009, mis en ligne le 05 janvier 2012, http://jounals.openedition.org/quaderni/297 ; DOI : 10.4000/quaderni.297